Lucky Wedges

Customized Mini Bundle (Black & Gold)

$209 $299

Create your own set of two wedges with a limited time holiday special. 

Looking for a fresh look on the course?  Our Lucky Wedges will set you apart on the course and have the performance to back it up.  With the look that started it all, the Gold & Black Lucky Wedge is a proven performer with a style unmatched by anything out there.  Lucky Wedges are the statement you're looking for with the game to back it up.  Proven by hundreds of golfers out on the course, our wedges help you keep your short game on point and elevate your style game to the next level.  Get them in your bag today.

With your choice of multiple lofts in the bag, there's no shot within 120 yards that you can't make.

*see individual product pages for spec info

Available in right hand only at this time.



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